I program a variety of applications, mainly PHP, but also C++ and Qt.  Tell me your wish of the kind of application you want and we can agree on a fair price for both.  For smaller works I charge €20 per hour, rounding it up a conservative value as I want to be fair to my customers.  These may include updating Joomla and server system upgrade. I also have experience in  Direct Admin and installation and updating its settings, software and plugins. I also do graphic design work for the website layout related to the appearance of the website.  You can have a ready-made plan for you website by a third party and I will carry it out.  Later, I will be providing a high-quality webspace which will be announced in due course.  Come and let us cooperate even today!



At present, I have not yet set up the company.  However, you can pay me compensation for work.  You only pay the withholding tax of my fee, no other costs.  We sign the agreed matters. 

You pay 50% in advance and the rest when the job is finished.

 These are just a few projects I have done.

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